How We Got Started

     What started as a family rolled ice cream shop turned into a reborn love affair with cookie dough! When experimenting to find new topping selections we stumbled upon the fan favorite: Cookie Dough. You ask for it, so we came up with a alternative cookie dough that would work with our rolled ice cream. After working at it for a few days, the recipe hit the toppings list.

     We started our cookie dough trial period @Snobachi on March 11, 2017. In a matter of a few weeks, the trial period of Cookie Dough (with no milk, no eggs, and no butter) turned into a keeper. It truly proved to be a top seller with more interest than ever after eight months. We have worked on the original recipe and added much more to be able to offer the full cookie dough experience. We are looking forward to starting a new chapter in sweet dough creations!