Cookie Dough


Made from scratch cookie dough reminiscent to any childhood or adulthood. No more guilty licking of the spoon and bowl, now you can eat our safe, edible raw cookie dough without feeling any guilt afterwards. They will be offered by the scoop. We will be having specials on first shoppers when we have our shop Grand Opening Event! (Stay tuned on our Social Media for that date)

Our flavors are: Keepin' It Classy (Chocolate Chip) Cookie Dough, Espresso Love Cookie Dough, Coco Lime Cookie Dough, Get S'Mored Cookie Dough, M&M Overload Cookie Dough, Hella 'Tella Chip Cookie Dough, Oreo Dream Cookie Dough, P.Nutty Cookie Dough, Red Velvety Cookie Dough, Snobachi Pride Cookie Dough, Sprinkled Up Cookie Dough, Coco Rico Cookie Dough*, Vanilla Bean Cookie Dough*, PB Protein Cookie Dough*, and more... 

*Gluten-Free/Vegan +1

--We are also going to offer our chocolate chip cookie dough as a topping option in Ybor City's coolest rolled ice cream spot: Snobachi Handcrafted Ice Cream.